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Vogen ’09 Campaign – Main Rules

These rules are in the most part those that appeared in White Dwarf after the release of the Cityfight expansion. Although those rules are now out of date, the map and locations provide a good setting for a campaign of normal 5th Ed. games. I have also made several additions/modifications to the rules, such as random game sizes and apocalypse games. If you want to comment on any of my additions then please feel free.

Basic Rules

The way the campaign is played is as follows:
I. Each player has a number of coloured indicator pins . The pins should be colour-coded depending on which army the player uses, green for Orks, blue for Eldar, etc.

II. Each player starts with one pin at a random square on the map’s edge; the place where your forces have breached the walls, their HQ, etc. This will be determined by picking locations out of a hat. A square with one of your pins in is occupied by your forces.

III. Once every ‘Campaign Turn’ each player takes it in turns to place a pin in a square next to one of their existing pins, even if the border between them is very small. The order in which you can place pins will be decided on by the campaign organisers. (I used a system whereby the first person to turn up on the day got to go first, and the next arrival went next and so on. This encourages people to arrive on time!) After each campaign turn, the person who went first on the last turn goes to the back of the queue and everybody shifts up one. So if Adam was the second to place a pin on the first turn then he would place first on the next turn. The order of play that forms on the first meeting will be used for the entire campaign from then on.

IV. If two pins of different colours are in the same map square, play a game of 40K with
the owner of the other pin. The loser removes his pin altogether, the winner claims that
square by leaving his in place. If there are already two pins of different colours in a
square, you may not move into it (no three- or four-player games) V. Tied games will be decided by calculating Victory Points, as per p.300 of the 5th ed. rulebook.

VI. If you lose all your pins, you’re out of the campaign!

VII. The points value of each game is determined by rolling on the Game Size Table (see below). This is done AFTER you know who you are fighting, and you must have your army list ready BEFORE you know what your game will be. This means you will know who your opponent is, but not your mission. This is designed to keep the games fresh, allowing you change lists from game to game and try out new tactics/models.

VIII. If your pin occupies a location with a Victory Points value and there are no opposing pins in that location, you can claim those points to add to your total.

IX. At the end of the campaign (to be determined by the organisers), the player with the most Victory Points in total is the winner.
Game Size Table

This table is designed to add a bit of variety to the games, and allows for the occasional apocalypse game.

(Click on picture for larger version)

Standard games follow all the rules in the 40k Rulebook for Deployment and Mission Selection etc.
Apocalypse games follow all the rules in the Apocalypse, with the exception that they use the random mission length rules from the 40k Rulebook. Because of this they should be fought on a 6’ x 4’, making sure they will get bloody very quickly!

That’s the basic premise. This ensures everybody fights over locations of strategic importance.
However, not everybody is available whenever someone else feels like having a scrap, so these
rules are adjusted as follows.

Advanced Rules

I. Instead of adding another pin, you may FORTIFY one existing pin. Add a dot • (clearly marked) to the pin you have fortified. When fighting a game in this location, you have an extra 100pts to spend on equipment from the Defender’s Armoury in Codex Cityfight (p21). This may be done more than once, adding 100pts per fortification and another dot to the pin, but no more than three times in any one location. Some of the locations already have fortifications, eg (•••) would mean someone defending that square may spend 300 extra points on equipment from the Defender’s Armoury.

II. If someone is contesting a square with you but you cannot play them for any reason (holiday, too chicken etc.), the territory is left as contested, until a game against them can be arranged. You still cannot have more than two pins in a territory at any one time. If the player in question repeatedly does not turn up then he may eventually have to give up the territory. (Not everybody is going to be able to make it all the time so be reasonable, don’t overly pick on a guy because he can’t defend himself!)

III. Certain critical areas of the map have certain special rules and scenarios (a cathedral may give Sisters players more Faith points per battle, a Gun Tower automatically means the High Ground scenario is played, etc.). Check the Vogen Location rules for details.

IV. No assassins may be used unless specified in the location brief.

V. If you are not present for a while, you can elect to fortify one of your squares every campaign turn.

VI. If two or more of your pins have been moved into the territory of the same enemy, all of these contested squares can be resolved by the same battle. This allows you to push forward in the surrounding zone if you are doing well in a protracted battle; the game is representative of a larger struggle. If a game is already in play in an unfortified square, fortifications in other squares resolved by the ongoing game are ignored (forces have broken through the weak point in the line).
FOR EXAMPLE: On his turn Adam decides to place a pin in one of Bob’s territories. Bob, who has his move later, decides he can beat the crap out of Adam and decides to use his move to attack one of Alex’s territories. The winner of the resulting game takes control of BOTH contested territories. This allows the game to move a little quicker when you are only near one opponent.

VII. Feel free to make alliances with nearby forces, for instance if you need to unite against
a common foe. You are able to move through allied force squares without engaging them. This is to facilitate armies not being boxed in by “friendly forces”. You are of course allowed to attack forces that you are have allied with later.

*The GW campaign only allowed you to ally with forces you would actually work with (I.E. Marine players allying with Imperial Guard, but not Choas). I say rubbish to this, you can ally with whoever you wish.

You can also ask an ally to play with you in an apoc. game, and you can allocate them some of your 2500pts. This means if they have a super heavy that you think might help then you can ask them to bring it along. In the game they will have a ‘mini turn’ after yours (and before your opponents) where they move, shoot, assault etc. Doing this will NOT gain you an extra strategic asset.

Beware though, you ally has complete control of his units during his mini turn and can choose to treat ANY other troops as friend or foe, and may use this opportunity to royally screw you over!

Neue Kampagne

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